Separatismo, fragmentación y crisis del estado en Brasil pos-1975

Jorge Natal


This article looks into the present Brazilian fragmentation starting from some isolated manifestations of separatismo. Without taking for granted the little reprecusions of separatist cases, this analysis shows that they are only the growing point of a deeply root-stemmed problem. First, presenting the crisis of the Brazilian Development State and of a series of transformations recently experienced in Brazil, it points out the comprehensiveness and the complexity of national fragmentation. Next, taking into account the general features of the globalization phenomenon, it shows that overlap of fragmentation and the federative form of the State Organization in Brazil and abroad allows the deepening of this comprehensiveness and complexity. Last, this paper points out a possible series of transformations in fragmentation in Brazil considering its rereading/synthesis as a federative crisis.

Palabras clave
política regional, política urbana, reestructuración territorial, sociología urbana

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Natal, J. (1996). Separatismo, fragmentación y crisis del estado en Brasil pos-1975. Revista EURE - Revista De Estudios Urbano Regionales, 22(67).